Who are we

Hans-Jørgen Andersen

Hans-Jørgen is an authorised clinic and occupational psychologist and has been the lead psychologist at Stresslæge.dk since 2017. Hans-Jørgen is probably Denmark’s most experienced (and best) stress psychologist and has helped a couple of hundred people in getting out of stress and anxiety. Hans-Jørgen is also an experienced and well-known professor and public speaker and has a background in the army.

In addition to being extremely skilled in his profession, Hans-Jørgen is a versatile and creative man, who enjoys long walks and playing his guitar, but also enjoys speed and adrenaline, which he finds while sailing and on his beloved motorcycle. Hans-Jørgen is also a handyman and Bimosegaard’s self-appointed craftsman and handyman.

Hans-Jørgen has 4 children and is a loving grandfather to 4 grandchildren (…so far).

Trine Rønnov

Trine is originally from Copenhagen and has been living in Farum, before moving to Faldsled. Trine is a former general practitioner for 15 years until she came down with stress and decided to sell her medical practice and dedicate her life to helping others suffering from stress.

In 2016, Trine established the company Stresslæge.dk in order to offer stress workshops that she could have used in order to come out of her stress – once and for all.

Trine loves going for long walks in the beautiful South Funen countryside, practicing yoga and meditation, and communicating and spreading calm, energy and smiles.

Trine has 2 adult children who both live in Copenhagen.