Welcome to Bimosegaard Refuge on Faldsled in southern Funen.

A refuge is a place, which means a place where you can seek peace.
In the world of biology, a refuge is a place where both animals and plants can survive hard times.
We, humans, also require a space, where we can find peace and tranquillity, that allows us to just simply be.

That space, you find at our refuge.

Faldsled is located in the most beautiful surroundings in South Funen, in the south-Funen Sea.

Danish nature, when it’s at its absolute best and most beautiful.

Faldled has natural coastlines, charming half-timbered houses, forest and sea, a beach park with a sauna and a charming little harbour.
During summer guests arrive on a small airplane on the water to enjoy a stay at the Inn.

In our daily lifes, we work with severly stressed people, in our joint company Stresslæge.dk. So we know what is needed, when you need to get into a lower tempo and find inner peace.

When you are staying with us, you will be able to relax while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and participate in our daily morning meditation – which is a great way to start the day.

We also invite you indoors for a workcation, i.e. a way to relax and unplug without letting go of the job entirely.
Maybe you have some long-standing plans to finish writing your book, dive deep into a task, etc.
Write to us for a quote on a longer stay.

Our refuge is for all over 16 years of age.
For the empty nesters, i.e. whose children have moved away from home.
Additionally, our place is smoke-free, pet-free and noise-free.

You are, however, welcome to drink some red wine and enjoy yourselves. We definitely do.


The little red half-timbered house, Assensvej 510, from 1850, is carefully renovated and includes two apartments, that are approximately 60 sq.m. each, and have their own private entrance with a code lock.

Both apartments have a kitchen, bathroom, rooms and beds that sleep 4-6 people.
There is free Wifi – if you choose not to set aside your PC and mobile completely aside, while among these beautiful surroundings.

You may not use candles or light open fires in the house due to the straw roof. Thank you.

Apartment - "Overskud"

This apartment contains a cosy little living room on the ground floor, with a sofa bed and dining table.
On the first floor, there are two large and comfortable bedrooms with a ton of bright light. Additionally, a new kitchenette with a sink, refrigerator, stovetop and small oven, along with a bathroom with a shower.

“Overskud” has enough space for 6 people to sleep, divided between the two bedrooms and the sofa bed in the living room.

Apartment - "Jordnær"

The apartment is on the ground floor and contains a cosy little living room with a sofa bed. along with a small dining table with chairs.
Additionally, the apartment contains a delightful double room, a bright and well-lit winter garden which invites you to relax, a functional kitchen as well as a bathroom with a shower.

“Jordnær” has enough space for 4 people to sleep, divided between the bedroom and the sofa bed in the living room. During the summer, we provide the opportunity to add extra beds in the winter garden.

Vores drøm om et helle...

In July 2023, we bought Bimosegaard and the house beside it, with a dream of creating our very own special refuge – where we, as hosts, could give our guests the experience of a peaceful safe space.

As professionals that work with individuals affected by stress, we know exactly how important tranquility, contemplation and taking breaks are in everyday life, and in a life without stress.

All the retreats that we host in relation to our stress management workshops are hosted at Bimosegaard. We plan to offer even more workshops, retreats, contemplation days, etc. where the main purpose is to find peace in your body and mind.

Read more at Stresslæge.dk

Our next plan is to convert the large barn to an area with several single rooms, a common space and a communal kitchen. In the future, the barn rooftop will be converted into a beautiful workshop room/yoga room. 

The dilapidated red barn will be transformed into a covered outdoor space with tables and a fireplace. 

Alongside this conversion, we also have plans of transforming the large park into a therapy garden with beautiful outdoor spaces, hammocks, an orangery and areas of relaxation.

It is also possible for you to rent our refuge for hosting your own courses. Write to us. 

About us

Hvem er vi

Hans-Jørgen Andersen

Hans-Jørgen is an authorised clinic and occupational psychologist and has been the lead psychologist at Stresslæge.dk since 2017. Hans-Jørgen is probably Denmark’s most experienced (and best) stress psychologist and has helped a couple of hundred people in getting out of stress and anxiety. Hans-Jørgen is also an experienced and well-known professor and public speaker and has a background in the army.

In addition to being extremely skilled in his profession, Hans-Jørgen is a versatile and creative man, who enjoys long walks and playing his guitar, but also enjoys speed and adrenaline, which he finds while sailing and on his beloved motorcycle. In addition, Hans-Jørgen is good at working with his hands and is Bimosegaard’s self-proclaimed craftsman and handyman.

Hans-Jørgen has 4 children and is a loving grandfather to 4 grandchildren (…so far).

Trine Rønnov

Trine is originally from Copenhagen and has been living in Farum, before moving to Faldsled. Trine has been a general practitioner for 15 years until she went down with stress, decided to sell her medical practice and dedicate her life to helping others suffering from stress.

In 2016, Trine established the company Stresslæge.dk in order to offer stress workshops that she could have used in order to come out of her stress – once and for all.

Trine loves to go for long walks in the beautiful nature of Southern Funen, enjoys performing yoga and meditation, as well as developing and spreading peace, surplus and smiles to others.

Trine has 2 adult children who both live in Copenhagen.